07/10/2023 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm The Garage - 20-22 HIGHBURY CORNER LONDON, N5 1RD

This event is 14 and over. Any ticket holder unable to present valid identification indicating that they are at least 14 years of age will not be admitted to this event, and will not be eligible for a refund.

Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult

Please Note: 14+(under16s must be with an adult and photo ID)

Venue: The Garage

Address:  20-22 Highbury Corner London N5 1RD

Date : Saturday 7th of October 2023

Dirty Shirt started as a wedding band in the middle of the ’90s, five members being the same for more than 20 years. They won second place at the international final of Wacken Metal Battle 2014 and several awards at Metalhead Awards and Maximum Rock Awards. The band’s unique style derives from mixing the heavy sound of modern rock/metal with the festive ambiance of East- European traditional music, the eclecticism of world music (country, reggae and tribal rhythms), the electro sound of industrial music, the energy of hardcore, and the groove of funk. It’s not surprisingto find great appreciation for Dirty Shirt albums in hundreds of reviews all over the world, including in well-respected magazines such as Metal Hammer (DE, HU), Rock Hard (DE, FR, IT, SLK), Metalsucks (USA), Angry Metal Guy (USA), Hard Rock Mag (FR), Terrorizer (UK), Metalized (DK), etc.

Dirty Shirt are widely regarded as one of the most original and successful rock bands in Eastern Europe, having a consistent presence at an international level (tours and media) as well. Even though their music is based on the modern hardcore-metal sound, Dirty Shirt are incredibly astute in blending various genres, being known mainly for their musical influences stemming from East European traditional music. The use of traditional acoustic instruments in the studio and on stage makes this mixture even more authentic. Their songs are catchy and dancing, thus having a broader appeal to a wider audience, not just the metal fans.

Gey Your Dose Now (2022)
Letchology (2019)
Dirtylicious (2015)
Freak Show (2013)
Same Shirt Different Day (2010)
Very Dirty (2000)

Dirty Shirt has already gone on several successful international tours (both as supporting artists and headliners) and so far has played more than 500 shows in 14 countries, sharing the stage with major acts such as Megadeth, Godsmack, Gogol Bordello, Skindred and Orphaned Land. In recent years, the band enjoyed international recognition by participating at several major European festivals such as Hellfest Open Air 2022 (Fr), Wacken Open Air 2019 & 2014 (D), Pol’And’Rock 2022 & 2021 (Pl), Reload Festival 2022 (D), Dong Open Air 2022 (D), Les Bichoiserie 2022 (Fr), Maximum Rock Festival 2021 (Ro), European Metal Festival Alliance 2020 (online), HRH Metal Fest 2019 (UK), Rock Heart 2019 (Cz), Horehronské MeCheChe 2019 (Sk), Snowfest 2019 & 2015 (Fr), Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2018 & 2015 (Ro), Metalhead Meeting 2018 & 2016 (Ro), Kilkim Zaibu 2017 (Lt), Sofia Metal Fest 2016 (Bg), etc.

In 2017, Dirty Shirt started a very ambitious project, FolkCore DeTour, which is an unprecedented project for the Romanian and international metal scenes alike, because it combined a metal band with a prestigious Romanian traditional folk orchestra on stage (Ansamblul Folcloric National Transilvania). Due of its success, the project continued in 2018 with several festivals in Romania and an exceptional live album recorded at Arenele Romane in Bucharest was released via the French label Apathia Records and broadcasted on TVR, the Romanian National TV.
Starting with 2018, Dirty Shirt has had three different live configurations: standard version with the eight band members; accompanied by a small traditional orchestra with 13-14 musicians (for example at Wacken Open Air and Pol’and’Rock); and with Transylvanian FolkCore Orchestra, with more than 18 musicians on stage. The band performed with this impressive production at Hellfest Open Air and headlined several important Romanian festivals. The band also toured with Transylvanian FolkCore Orchestra in Romania and France, a song from the show at Paris being broadcasted on the prestigious TV show “Tracks” from Arte Channel (France and Germany).

Live at Hellfest Open Air 2022  
Live at Pol’and’Rock 2021
Live at Maximum Rock Festival 2021
Live at Wacken Open Air 2019
FolkCore DeTour 2018

25 Years Anniversary Show

Support act :  Bring to bear

Bring to bear is a modern folk metal band on a heavy metal adventure, looking to inspire others along the way. Their music combines the contrasts of clean female singing with harsh growling, hard hitting metal with light-footed accordion, giving a feeling of discovery and courage in the face of challenge. Will you join their journey?